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04-24-2014, 04:10 PM

My youngest son was sitting beside me when I browse on internet. And he asked me question about a picture that he saw on the monitor.

"Who is she?"
"A little girl from Northern Pakistan"
"Why they made her picture so big"
"To prevent that village being bombed"
"Bombed? bombed by who?"
I wanted to answer, but suddenly I felt hesitate. I just silent for a moment. Luckily then my son saw another picture and asked me another question. So I could switch his curiosity to the another picture.

"Bombed? bombed by who?". That's the question that made me hard to answer. Should I tell him about Predator Drone that have killed many children?.

No!. I don't want to establish a hatred in his heart. Yes, if I told him about Predator Drone, probably then he would have a hatred in his heart. And if he had a hatred in his heart, then what's difference between him and people who bomb innocent children?.

Suddenly I remember my childhood in late of 70's when I was enthusiastic to build model plane. I start with built glider, but I got problem with Balsa wood that I could not find. So I made my gliders from paper, and styrofoam. I still remember when I did "aerodynamic test" with table fan. Ooh, my beautiful childhood.

However, before I went further to engined RC plane, I found something that more interesting me, motorcycle. So I forgot about my interest to build RC plane and focus to prepare myself for motorcycle racing. a dream which really came true when I reached my teen age in 80's.

I have left my childhood and my youth period since long time ago. I almost reach my middle age. But now I start to have interest to build a plane again. Not an RC plane, but an UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, that also known as drone, a remote controlled plane that can be operated without the pilot see this plane, or controlled by automatic program.

I have this interest again because I see, now there are countries that use drone as lethal weapon. Yes, what they do with drones make want to build a drone too, that better than their drones.

What weapon will I use for my drone? Nothing!. I don't want to build my drone with hatred. But I want to build a drone with love that come from the bottom of my heart. Love that I can share to the all children in the world.

I hope I can build a drone that can fly, traveling around the world, visit city by city, country by country. And I will not operate my drone alone, but I will invite young pilots from all over the world to operate my drone, regardless their nationality, race, ethnic, and their belief.

I hope my drone can bring the message of peace to the people of the world, I hope my drone can gives happiness to all children in the world.

And I will name my drone as ........ Hope.

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04-24-2014, 11:09 PM
How do you know these "children" are not terrorists? I don't think the drone controllers care, they probably hate blacks or Muslims or both. Murder is their sport. Their pretext "terrorist" is just an excuse to commit genocide.

04-25-2014, 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by Karl;n2231459
How do you know these "children" are not terrorists? I don't think the drone controllers care, they probably hate blacks or Muslims or both. Murder is their sport. Their pretext "terrorist" is just an excuse to commit genocide.
Beside militants, drone also killed children. There are several reports about it. Are those children militant?. They were just children who born and lived among people who became target of drone attack.

I have seen video which taken after drone attack. It showed a house that blasted by missile from drone. Yes, that was the house of targetted person. The drone operator knew it. But did the drone operator know who were in the house in that time?. No!. Then, how if there were children in that house?.

Many children have killed in conflicts. They were killed just because they were born and lived among people who seen as enemies by other people. But this is not their fault because no one could choose where and from who he/she would born.

Radio Control plane, as well as UAV, is something that can give happiness to the children. Unfortunately, in certain places, UAV (drone) already become a nightmare for the children.

In many places, children would be happy if they could see UAV fly over them, and they would build a dream to make or have this 'toy'. But could children in Pakistan tribal areas be happy when they see an UAV fly over them?. They would see it as "The Bird of Terror". I felt an irony when I was thinking about it.

I understand if there are people who think that I am childish because i have a dream like a child's dream. But frankly, sometime I wish I can have a heart like I've ever had when I was a child, a heart that full of dreams, and without any hatred.

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