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05-12-2014, 06:05 AM
I have been loving a guy since past 6-7 years. 4 years back we had several major issues. It was then that I did visited to a dargah a friday afternoon and prayed to Allah that if he is destined to me as in my partner, then only would I struggle and hope that things would get better. I asked Allah to give me any kind of indication or a sign, which we usually consider as an ishaara. While I was just above to leave from the premises, I saw the guy entering the dargah, knowing the fact that he did not know I was visiting the place neither did I that he had any such plans. I started wondering whether that was an indication from Allah. I asked various people about it, everybody's answers greatly differed. Not satisfied, I prayed to Allah one night that if he is destined to me Allah, then only would I like to keep up the hope, if not I would try my best, by your Grace to kill those feelings. If he is the one please wake me up at sharp three, if not, anytime before or after. To an amazement, I was woken up, not by any person or alarm at sharp 3.I also performed isthikaara later, it was positive.
I would like to know what could all this be?


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05-12-2014, 07:15 AM

One day when I was young I met a girl, and felt matched with her. Immediately I came to her parents and told them that I wanted to marry their daughter. But my mother did not approve her, and even then my mother urged me to marry another girl who was my classmate. It made the first girl family hesitate to marry off their daughter to me, and later their daughter decided to not marry me.

Then I decided to accept my ex-classmate that proposed by my mother. Immediately I came to her parents and told them that I would marry their daughter. She was the girl who then become my wife.

Sis, notice my story. I always came to the girl parents and told them that I wanted to marry their daughter. This is the only indicator that a guy is serious to marry a girl.

Now how about your boyfriend?. Has he ever come to your parents and told them that he wants to marry you?.

Ignore every sign, and focus to this indicator. So you will know your probability to marry him.


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