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05-14-2014, 08:18 PM

Just sharing some thoughts.. do correct any mistakes in my understanding.

While the subject of the video is regarding something else, I think the advice given at the end is beautiful and is something that should be reflected on especially for those of us who frequent forums. Being in an environment where more often than not we are given the same questions over and over again, we tend to respond by simply copy/paste/post video from somewhere instead of actually responding to the question ourselves.

It's not that I think we shouldn't be doing any copy/pasting, certainly the text that is often copy/pasted is informative and can be beneficial, but that might not be enough. Consider the clothes we wear, wouldn't it be nice to have a tailor-made suit as opposed to one that is off the shelf? Sure, the one off the shelf just might have better fabrics and buttons but if it still doesn't fit us as well as a tailor-made suit with average fabric and buttons we would still prefer the tailor-made suit. Or to use another analogy, to open a locked door we would need a key that is specifically meant to fit with the keyhole of that door. We might possess a key of the highest standard that is made of gold, but if it's not designed to be able to unlock that door it's not going to be of much use in that particular situation.

Personally, I am reminded of the hadith which says "..Speak to people according to their level of knowledge..".

Some things Sheikh Ahmed Deedat mentioned which stood out to me..

"Reason with him, but of course as I said it depends upon his background and experience. I can't just tell you answers and say "Look just give him this and he'll be satisfied."." "Everybody you have to deal with them individually, according to their background and experience."

Allahu a'lam

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Umm Abed
03-19-2015, 04:55 PM
Masha'allah Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, may Allah swt have mercy on him, what a legend he was:alhamd:

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