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05-26-2014, 02:36 PM

I was born from Muslim family in Muslim majority country, Indonesia. Just like other boys, I also learned Islam since I was kid. There are many things I have learned about Islam, including salah istikharah.

What my teachers taught me about salah Istikharah is, this is salah which a Muslim can perform when he/she in confusion to make a choice, or when he/she need a guidance how he/she should do something.

In example. A girl got marriage proposal, but she feel confused to determine will accept or not accept. In this case she can perform salah Istikharah. Then Allah will give her a sign. If that man is good for a husband, she will feel sure to accept him. If that man is not good, then she will see something that show why that man is not good, maybe his bad character revealed, maybe through doubt that suddenly comes to her heart. Find an answer from dream?. Ulama in my place suggest ummah to not interpret sign from dream.

About dream, Ulama in Indonesia have told ummah that dream may come from Allah, may come from shaytan, or just reflection of what is in someone mind. This is why they really suggest to not find a sign from dream due to high risk of misinterpretation and can cause fitnah.

Frankly, I wonder why I notice there are people in this forum who tried to find an answer of salah istikharah from dream. Also I found, at least one case, which salah istikharah was used to see the future through dream.

Just wonder.

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