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View Full Version : Muslim Calendar – Hijri and Gregorian Versions

06-05-2014, 10:06 AM
Islamic year is a year based upon lunar dates, which starts with the month of Muharram and ends on Dhul-Hajj. There are number of Islamic events in between depending upon different Hijri dates. The availability of Hijri calendar in hard form is always an issue that resolves through different Islamic apps. One of the same applications develop by Quran Reading is Islamic Calendar. It is a combination of number of beautiful features and available free of cost for platforms, android and iPhone.

Free Islamic Calendar for Android | Free Islamic Calendar for iPhone

Some of the salient features of this application are as following:
  1. The application is not all about Hijri Calendar and dates rather it is equally good to use for Gregorian calendar.
  2. Application provides you an option to display both version parallel like you can have Hijri and Gregorian dates on the same screen.
  3. Application furthermore, provides you different markers to help in knowing current date along with its Islamic significance.
  4. You can also convert specific date from one version to another using calendar conversion.
  5. List of different Islamic events along with their Hijri and Gregorian dates is also available.

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