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06-26-2014, 10:57 AM
A calendar is a tool to arrange days for different life events including social or religious. All is done by giving proper names to periods of time as days, weeks, month and year. the period of time, year, synchronized with the succession of sun and moon around the earth. Many civilizations have devised different calendars as per their needs. One used by Muslims around the globe is Islamic Calendar, which is also available in Islamic apps for different stores. You can use the link below to get the one developed by QuranReading.com that is a wonderful blend of Gregorian and Hijri calendar.
Get Islamic Calendar for Android | Get Islamic Calendar for iPhone

The particular application provides you number of great features few from them are as following:
  1. The application is a combination of two different version as explained before, includes Gregorian and Hijri. It provides you monthly view of calendar having both on the same screen along with two different highlighters. One is to show current month date and other shows important Islamic events of Muslim.
  2. It also provides you a list of Islamic events along with Hijri and Gregorian dates, which is a great help to prepare yourself for coming various Islamic events.
  3. Furthermore, application also provides you calendar converter that can be used to convert particular date to other. Just use this feature and convert date with ease.

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