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07-13-2014, 10:15 PM
Islam continually stresses the importance of keeing ties and keeping in contact with family.

If an individual has a bad influence on your self-psychology, your mentality and actions can you stay away from this individual or do you have to keep in touch?

Am talking about people with high status in Islam like your parents. I understand that only you can allow an individual in your mind and heart, and if your allowing them to influence you then your giving them that access etc but, imagine an individual is much better and closer to Islam when they are away from the bad influencing people.

What does one do?

My silience is seen as an act of disobedience. If i talk i will speak my mind and this is seen as being disrespectful. My avoidence is seen as wrong. Am trapped in my body and situation but my mind, heart and soul is free. Alhamdulilah. May Allah swa help us all ameen.

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07-14-2014, 04:03 AM
A bit hard to comment here.... the 'people' here are your parents? then it gets a bit more complicated.. but then again there does not need to be an extreme case as in "if I talk I will speak my mind and this is seen as being disrespectful"... do we need to speak our mind? Is it an absolute must? Surely there are multiple levels before we reach the 'speaking my mind' scenario that does not constitute as being rude? A discussion? a 'feedback' session, a chat to clear up the air?... I don't know ...


07-14-2014, 12:48 PM
the way i see it, you can spend your life away from people simply because you feel you are better in yourself without distraction or contention.

unfortunately life is a struggle and you should be around people if only so they can see exactly what makes you..you.

i mean without struggle is is easier to be your better self.

but when you struggle what do you become or what is desired of you?

the funny thing is that once you realise that it is not easy to remain constant or display the better qualities of yourself.. when you are struggling, maybe it is a little easier to realise that those that contend with you can be better themselves.

or life is just insolence and competition for you to become part of..and only victory counts.

its always complicated and each person lives and learns.

allah swt forgive us our sins.

il finish as i started, by saying that knowledge does not always make things easier..

and that really is proof of allah swt.

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