View Full Version : Urban garden produce…zakat?

09-01-2014, 01:50 AM
Assalaamu alaikum,

It's harvest time where I live, and this year (alhamdullilah!) we've had a bumper crop of grapes. As I understand these things, it seems to me that the produce of my urban garden should be zakatable, as it exceeds my family's needs, and I suppose that I could sell the excess (though in reality, I give it to friends and neighbours).

I believe the amount of zakat would be 10% of the excess of my family's immediate needs (if anyone knows these things very well, please correct me if I'm mistaken).

Anyway, I gave the grapes (zakat and extra) to one of the masajid that makes lunches for homeless people once a week (and food banks also take fresh fruit and vegetables, by the way). They gave them out, and the homeless people were delighted. The only problem was, there weren't enough grapes for everyone. They don't get much in the way of fresh fruit and vegetables, apparently. Most people or organizations donate dried goods.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this, in case anyone out there has extra produce. Whether it's zakatable or not, if you have an apple tree or an abundance of tomatoes or whatever, there are people out there who would really appreciate this kind of food.

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