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09-25-2014, 08:44 AM
Wifaq ul madaris al arabia pakistan has started new course.

Duration 2 years.

Frist year: Translation and tafseer of Quran ul kareem from sura younis to sura hood almost 10 paras, Muaraf ul hadith (chapter 2 3 and 4), Taleem ul islam (complete), Bahishti zawir (chapter 2 3 and 4), Ilm ul sarf (1 and 2), Ilam ul nahw, tariqa tul asria (chap 1), Qasas ul nabiyeen (chapter 1 and 2), Sirat ul Khatam ul nabiyeen s.a.w.w by mulana shafi r.a, hadar last para and hifz last para 1/4.

Second year: Translation and tafseer of Quran ul kareem from sura Bakra to sura younis and sura ankaboor to sura wa'nas almost 20 paras. Muaraf ul hadith (chapter 1 5 6 and 7), Bahishti zawir (chapter 5 6 and 7), Tariqa tu asria (chap 2) , Qasas ul nabiyeen (chapter 3 and 4) , Ilam ul sarf (3 and 4) , Awamil ul nahw , Hayat ul muslimeen (complete) .

Easy for busy.

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