View Full Version : What's the best way to ask something from Allah?

Kamil Hassaan
10-20-2014, 04:23 PM
I am a student. It is one of my deepest desires to enter one of the greatest universities of my country. What's the best way to ask Allah to get me into that university. I do pray. Is there any specific way of praying? And what else should I do?

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10-20-2014, 11:15 PM

My youth life was full of sport competition. And as Muslim I always made dua before I start compete.

In one race I made dua on the start line. But after I finished my dua I noticed that all of the competitors made dua too. Suddenly a question appeared in my mind. If everyone makes dua because want to win this race, while the winner is only one, will Allah grant all of these dua?. Immediately I realized, I must try to do my best effort and believe that Allah would give me easiness in my effort.

Do you best effort, and make dua, wish Allah give you easiness in doing your effort. This is what you must do, young bro. You cannot just focus on dua but forget effort.

Focus to dua but forget effort is one of common mistake of Muslims. Even there are many Muslims who regard dua is like drug. Dua like this gives effect like this, dua like that gives effect like that. And there are non Arab Muslims who believe that Allah will not listen to dua if this dua is not in Arabic.

No, no. It's not true. Allah understand every language. You can make dua in your native language. And if you are not able to make dua in beautiful words, you can make dua in simple words. But the most important is you must try to do your best effort to get what you expect.

Then, will Allah grant your dua to enter your favorite university?. There is no guarantee for this. But you must realize it's because Allah has a reason. Just imagine if there are 1000 students who want to enter your favorite faculty while available seats are only 100, and all of these 1000 students make dua to enter this faculty?. Will Allah grant dua from all of them?.

Always believe, if you try to do your best effort and make dua, then Allah will give you easiness. And always believe too. If Allah does not grant your dua, it's because Allah will give you something better.


10-21-2014, 10:05 AM
Make dua on Friday, throughout the day but specially when you're at the masjid for Juma prayer. There's an hour when duas get accepted. You can also pray Salat-Hajjah. Also, simply reading the dua of Salat Hajjah is good. Finally, pray that if it is good, then Allah grant it for me and if not, then give me something better (and that is what stated in the Dua of Hajjah too).

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