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06-02-2015, 05:21 PM
Assalamo alaikum All,

Im visiting the forums after years I suppose! Hope everyone is well, and everyone is around from that time.. I guess the forums stopped working sometime back and then I visited less and less.

Anyhow, There is a great TAfseer al QUran Course coming up , it is being streamed online and I would recommend it to everybody who wants to gain access to knowledge in a proper way.

The Course begins with the mini Course on "THe Principles of Tafseer" which tell us all about the principles that are applied to study, understand the tafaseer, who did it, and what was their contribution etc..

Here are a few outlines:

An exclusive course taught by Ustadha Ayesha Khattak in English.

A must attend course before Ramzan so you understand the basic principles of understanding tafseer of Quran


★Session 1:

- Important information for those in da'wah or want to do da'wah -

Authenticity of Qur'aan! How was Qur'aan compiled? Extensive details.

Getting well equipped with the history of the Qur'aan!

- Prophet's (sallAllaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) era
- Abu Bakr Siddique (Radiy Allaahu 'anhu)'s era
- Uthmaan ibn Affaan (Radiy Allaahu 'anhu)'s era
- Who was Zayd ibn Thaabit (Radiy Allaahu 'anhu)?

★ Session 2:

All about Revelations!

- About Makkah
- Meaning, methods, types & forms of Revelations

- 3 Stages of Revelations
- Chronological Analysis of Qur'aan!
Makkan & Madeenan Chapters
- Getting you well equipped to figure out a Surah or Ayah being Makkan or Madeenan.
- Benefits of this knowledge!

Details of course available on this link,


You can share ahead if anyone you know wants to learn . It has a small fee, but that is all operational charges, nothing going to the Instructor.

NOTE: The Recordings will be available Online to everyone since the course has started, so you can still attend the course if you miss out the Live sessions.


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06-02-2015, 09:36 PM

:jz: for sharing. Just wondering is this for sisters only? As it's taught by an Ustadha.

06-05-2015, 10:09 AM
The course is available Online for both brothers and sisters; its audio with handouts/Notes and assignments.

Its for sisters only on Venue.:)

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