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View Full Version : Masturbation haram in Islam, okay but what about....

08-04-2015, 01:28 PM
I am aware that masturbation is haram. But what about in the case of somebody who cannot marry due to mental illness? The individual is an adult in their 30s and the nature of his/her condition is that amongst many other symptoms, this person is unable to face people (not even close relatives).

This person reports that he/she fights the urges and does not masturbate to relive the pain caused by such urges ( pain in terms of great distress, unhappiness, constant sexually deformed thoughts ( directed towards objects, parents, religion etc, no concentration, flashing of sexual images in his mind etc), anger as a result of the frustration etc. Which have been going on since his/her early teens.

He/she suffers from autism and also paranoid schizophrenia. And does not go out, hears voices, sees things, delusional etc.

Marriage is out of the question.

Please note that this person is a practising Muslim and does not engage with the opposite sex, either by socialising, looking at etc.

He/she infact is very religious and a committed person and considers all this as a test from Allah.

But at times when things have got too much this person has resorted to the act but only to relive the hardship and has found that after doing the act his/her symptoms have got better.

But the guilt which has followed as a result of the act has resulted in other problems.

Please could you advice in terms of whether it would be permissible for this individual to resort to the act to remove the harm being caused?


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08-04-2015, 01:45 PM
Salaam alaykum. Welcome to the board.
I do not believe having a mental illness is a precursor to not marrying. I believe there is some way and some body for everyone to find this kind of fulfillment. Maybe not in young life when the illness is more severe but eventually as they age the illness is said to become more mild and it can also be control when the right medication is discovered and used in treatment. So I believe he needs to find a better doctor who will prescribe different medications and therapies. As well as fast more like other single Muslims do. Fasting reduces are aggression and sexual urges as well.
Its not easy for people with mental illness to find the right person for them. There are definitely many wrong people for them. but there are folks out there who would be suitable albeit when the time is right. Until then just advise him to focus more on dhikr of Allah, prayers and fasting and staying away from temptations.
Mental ill people are not unics and should not be treated that way. They are human too and all humans deserve sexual fulfillment in a halal way with the right precautions and within a safe environment.
Please help him find a better treatment team. There are real solutions and help. Medications often do not work on the first try and people need to try various medications to find the right one for them. Also, recovery is a long process. Thinking about marriage in recovery will sidetrack his progress. So advise him about ways to subdue the urges and focus on Allah.
My prayers are with him
Assalamu alaykum

08-04-2015, 07:46 PM
I don't get why is marriage out of question.
Incidentally, I should say that amongst the Imams of Islamic jurisdiction, only Ahmad b. Hanbal reportedly deemed masturbation allowable.
The recommended alternative to marriage is fasting.

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