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View Full Version : dead iphone, can someone guide how to retrive data?

09-20-2015, 08:44 AM

my iphone got wet. So i dried it (a little) up by opening and letting it rest. Then dried it with blow dryer ( which after reading on the internet was a bad idea). so now my computer isn't reading it at all.Any suggestions on how can i retrieve my data.

Please and Thank YOU

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09-20-2015, 01:32 PM
Your iPhone may of got water damaged. I recommend you check with your local phone repair shops :ia:.

09-20-2015, 04:11 PM

I have read in a reliable article, that you should power it off immediately to prevent short circuits, wrap it in a paper towel to prevent the ports getting blocked, and put it into a bag of uncooked rice (i.e. raw rice), as rice is moisture absorbing. If you don't have rice, apparently Rice Krispies will also work to dry it out. Worth a try. It will take about two days at the very least. Some suggest opening the back removing the sim card , memory card, and battery if it's removable, dabbing the inside with a tissue, then closing before doing the above.

Apparently heat can melt the circuitry, and blowing air can push moisture into other parts of the phone it might not have reached. Perhaps try the above, and if it still doesn't work after two days of drying and putting the battery and sim card and memory card back in, then you will have to take it to a professional to see if they can help.

Hope you manage to retrieve everything and that it works again.

09-21-2015, 08:11 PM
thing with the iphone is that it doesn't easily switch off and the non-removable (without star screwdriver and technical knowhow) battery holds a certain percentage of power despite the item showing itself to be out of power on the screen, or the screen being totally dark.
certain integrated controllers are also able to hold a minimal amount of charge too.

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Best thing to do is totally take it apart as soon as possible, clean all electrical components and contacts with a fast drying non h2o solution such as isopropyl alcohol or petrol carefully with a soft bristle toothbrush in order to remove any possibility of present and future oxidization, and if possible take it to an electrical shop that has a high air pressure dryer which will remove water from underneath the chips before any solder joints get a chance to rust and short circuit via contact.

then you can possibly see if it switches on or if any components need replacing.

do your best to ascertain that it is totally dry and no longer prone to oxidization before turning it back on because the phone can otherwise go caput after electrical signals begin to run through the components and rust can make it go off again after a few weeks or months.

the majority of repair shops will do a software wipe and restore on it unless you specifically tell them not to, and some might do a firmaware wipe and re-write too.
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