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Khalid Saifullah
10-28-2015, 03:14 AM
Everybody becomes intrigued when topics such as Imam al-Mahdi, Dajjal and the rising of the sun from the West, are discussed. They anxiously await such a time, and random facts are thrown around in order to show just how knowledgeable they are on the topic. It’s a good thing to be knowledgeable on the topic, but what we fail to realize is that the time of Imam al-Mahdi and the Dajjal is not a time to be having delicious picnics and shopping sprees in Sandton – it’s a time of extreme hardship, and super wars.

Christians call these wars Armageddon, or the Apocalypse, the mother of all wars, the last of which will take place in the region of the Golan Heights, presently under Zionist control. It’s like discussing a devastating volcano that will soon erupt in such a way that everyone will be burnt to ashes by it, and you are actually looking forward to be burnt! Of course, those who are wise will act timorously and be saved, and this is exactly the purpose of this article.

When Dajjal eventually makes his appearance, the Mujahideen (warriors) of Islam will be fiercely battling the combined forces of the Western world (some traditions mention 80 battalions), including those Muslim states in the East allied to them. It will be a fight to the last, because the nature of the world would change forever after that. The West, led by the Jews, will appoint Dajjal as their leader to usher in their “New One-World Order” which they have been planning from a few hundred years already through merciless killing and persecution; the Muslims, on their part, will have humble but brave and pious Caliphs, one of which will be Imam al-Mahdi Muhammad ibn Abdullah al-Hasani, to ensure that the Caliphate (the Muslim super-state without national boundaries) is victorious and breaks all national boundaries all over the world. The re-establishment of this Caliphate has been the wish of every Muslim since its abolishment in 1924, but in the Ramadaan of 2014, it was thankfully once again restored in Syria and Iraq.

Whilst the Almighty only knows if the new Caliphate is authentic or not, or whether it’s destined to meet the Dajjal or not, what we do learn from the Prophetic Traditions is that their soldiers will not be large in number compared to their enemies. They will win some battles and lose some, until victory will finally fall to them. The enemy will be like a giant deranged elephant attacking a very calculating mouse, and the mouse would slowly, but surely defeat the elephant. Not a person in this world will be free from the heat of this war, even if you are sitting in Iceland, similar to how the price of fuel affects everyone.

As many people feel that the end of Time is near, we need to examine the situation from which the Dajjal will emerge, which may be in just a few short years or still many decades to come.

Physical Description

Dajjal, the Messiah of Deception, will be brutally ugly. He will be the most physically un-attractive and loathsome person the world would ever see, yet most of his followers will regard him as the most intelligent, handsome, and successful person. His complexion will be deep ruddy – like someone passed a hot iron over him, and his hair thick, dull and wavy. He will have a bald patch at the back of his head. He will also be hunchbacked and pigeon-toed. This means that besides walking ten-to-two on the clock, his hunchback-walk will give him the appearance of a veritable witch. Further, his teeth will be jagged, and his left eye will have no sight in it. In fact, it will be rolling like a raisin in its socket and a piece of flesh will partially cover it. His right eye will be greenish and have some sight in it, but it will also be partially squint.

If the above description is not sufficient to scare the dogs away, between his eyes will be clearly written “Kaafir” in Arabic, meaning “disbeliever.” Every literate and illiterate Muslim will be able to read it so as to be clear about his identity, but those in denial will most probably say: “Photoshopped” or “Don’t look on the face, what’s in the heart is what matters!” He will use “Donkey Airlines” as his preferred mode of transport. In the book written by Abdur Rahman al-Safuri, entitled Nuzhatul Majalis, it is written that this donkey, which will be white in colour, will have a distance of 40 handspans between its two ears. It will travel at exceptionally fast speeds covering long distances in a matter of hours, at an altitude that would be above the clouds. It will also be able to transport mountains of food upon its back which will be delivered to the starving people of the world if they believe him to be God. It will also serve as a mode of transport for people within its belly, and travel underwater too.

The donkey has been a mode of transport for people till today, and the Prophetic description may well be literal, but it can also be figurative – pointing towards the modern airplane. Some scholars opine that the mysterious UFO’s are in fact, vehicles of Dajjal and his Jinn, as the majority of them have been seen to be taking off and landing in the Bermuda Triangle. Dajjal’s UFO may well resemble a donkey.

When will he come?

According to various Prophetic traditions, Dajjal will appear when there will be a lack of genuine scholars, and people will be hardly speaking of Dajjal. Earthquakes will be very frequent, time will pass quickly, afflictions will appear, murders will increase, money will overflow, and the Arabs as a race will become very few. Also, two big groups will fight each other whereupon there will be a great number of casualties on both sides. Both will be Muslim and claim to be on the truth. All of the above is present in our time. People do not trust their religious authorities anymore, especially those funded by governments or by corrupt businessmen. We are also experiencing major tremors in SA lately. Muslims are killing each other daily in the Middle-East; never mind two groups of Muslims, we have dozens of groups fighting and threatening each other, all claiming the truth for themselves. This has caused so much confusion amongst the masses that it has now become necessary to personally verify your religion from the original sources (Qur’an and Sunnah), and to know propaganda from truth in the political sphere.

There will also be three difficult years of drought before Dajjal appears. In the first year, the Almighty will command the sky to withhold a third of its rain, and the earth to withhold a third a third of its produce. In the second year, the Almighty will command the sky to withhold two thirds of its rain, and the earth to withhold two thirds of its produce. In the third year, our Lord will command the sky to withhold all of its rain. He will command the earth to withhold all of its produce, and no plant will grow. In such time, genuine Muslims will be nourished by praising their Lord. This drought may be literal, but it may also refer to the situation of economic bankruptcy which the world finds itself today.

Politically, Arabia will be conquered until Khaibar, Constantinople (Turkey) too will fall, as well as the whole of the Levant. The Prophetic traditions do not state if these places will be conquered from Muslims or non-Muslims, but presently they are in the control of Western-friendly governments. Not long after the conquering of Constantinople, Dajjal will emerge. At this time, Madinah Tayyibah will have tall white Minarets (presently the case) and it will become deserted as every sincere Muslim will join the Holy Jihad. The climax of the war will be the slaying of Dajjal at the hands of Prophet Jesus in Israel, and Al-Aqsa will become the seat of the Muslim Caliphate. In time, the Caliphate will reach the entire world. These happenings must take place, whether the enemy likes it or not.

It will indeed be a time of great physical and spiritual danger for all. Muslims will be obligated to support the army, whether under Imam al-Mahdi or not, but the West will not allow this to happen, either by means of legislation or propaganda.

What will he do?

Dajjal, who will be a human with a demonic soul, will perform various miracles to prove that he is God Himself. Apart from his one-eye which is clearly illustrated on the US Dollar bill above, he will have wheat in one hand, and a quiver full of arrows on the other. This will be his trademark, similar to how the Zulus wear the Assegai and the Yemenis wear the ornamental curved dagger, called the Jambiyyah. Notice the wheat and the very same spear on the right hand side of the Dollar bill above.

By means of dark sorcery that will make magicians like Dynamo and Houdini look like infants, Dajjal will have a river of fire and a river of water with him. The fire will, in fact be cool water, and the cool water, will in fact, be fire. People accepting him to be God will be thrown into his “water”, and those rejecting him will be thrown into his “fire.” He will kill people, and bring them back to life, resurrect one’s parents, friends, or family upon request, and cause the sky to rain. Those who will be fascinated by their dead parents and friends being resurrected should know that they will only be Jinn in human form. Thankfully, he will only stay in this world for 40 days, but his first day will be equal to one year, the second day will be one month, the third day will be one week, and rest of the days will be as usual.

If you will not be tested on the battlefield with your life, you will be tested in your home with your faith. Are you prepared?

How to protect yourself?

In order to protect yourself from Dajjal, you can either chain yourself in your home and make sure you do not go out and challenge him, take up residence in Makkah or Madinah as these Cities will be protected, or recite Surah Kahf (Chapter of the Cave) every Friday. Make sure you do not listen to devilish music, dabble in witchcraft, or be overawed by the power of technology. All these factors will reduce your chances of resisting his tricks. This is an ordeal which you simply cannot fail.

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