View Full Version : “The governments of the Muslim lands do not represent the Muslims at present.”

abo mussaab
11-06-2015, 06:15 PM
Shaykh al-Albaanee said:

“I say that the alluring (as it deserves to be called) of the Crusaders into the Muslim lands by the Saudi government by their own choice is worse than Iraaq invading Kuwait.
I said this many times and now I will end this session with these few words, because I am forced to say this after seeing the harsh reality of the situation.
Just as the Iraaqi government does not represent the Iraaqi people, neither does the Saudi government represent the Saudi people, as there are many people of piousness and God-consciousness.
So the politics of the Arab countries nowadays do not meet the desires of the Muslim people. For example, the prevalence of imagery and pictures, which contradicts the Tawheed, in the governmental departments in Saudi Arabia. This contradicts what the monotheists say till today. This shows that the governments of the Muslim lands do not represent the Muslims at present.
After that, I say that seeking guidance from the Saudi government for the Crusader governments did not come from the Saudi people, but from the Saudi government itself. And this is worse than Iraaq invading Kuwait – which again, was not from the people but from the government, which does not represent the people. Look now. The people are on one side and the government on the other side.

But I will add that, despite the fact that inviting the Crusaders to the Saudi land is worse than the invasion of Kuwait by the ‘Hiza al-Ba’ath’ (Ba’ath Arab Socialist Party) of Iraaq – but it was the fruit of this invasion. Meaning, the invasion of Kuwait by Iraaq is the reason for the invitation to this great disaster (i.e seeking help from the kuffaar and inviting them to the Muslim land).
I would exemplify this issue with the old saying:
The wall asked the nail: ‘Why are you making a hole in me?’
It said: ‘Ask the one who is hammering me.’

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11-06-2015, 07:05 PM
The people and the government need to submit to the book of Allah.
Easier to confirm how it works than how it doesn't work.

abo mussaab
11-06-2015, 09:21 PM
true brother Abz2000

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