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View Full Version : Jannah over dunya

11-07-2015, 01:56 AM
Hey so i have been struggling with one big thing in life and i find this place might be the best place to get an answer and i hope to get the best please it woukd really bring peace to my life and mind.
So i struggle alot with life because at times i let myself get so attached to dunya when i know in my heart paradise is our true home and in the end nothing will matter and we will just be happy, so first question in your minds what is the comparison with the two? Now my big thought i struggle alot because i always think i can be doing more in life or i am missing out out doing stuff and seeing place :$ and i have a huge imagination which i think i was given for a reason in leads me to always think about other worlds and such like paradise! Now i am just wondering in heaven i know all is better and bigger but like can we do all things we missed out in dunya and having it be just as exciting and amazing plus all thats in jannah?? Things like flying and be an actor with big movies ane shows that people adore, or being a big composer or best piano player, or living in a castle or a big one see can i adventure and see all the places in the world and cultures and beauty that i cant afford to see here, and i know jannah is better than all of that but can allah still make me see those things like i could of in dunya and be an actor? And because i hear its beyond our imagination could we say have amazing animals like flying horses and dragons and live out epic adventures like in movies but better and bettrr are all these things possible , i know some of this may sound floolish but it would bring me so much peace ! And helo me go through life just enjoying what i can do and not feeling like as a get older i waste time to do things but thag i can do it later in jannah? !!! :)( god bless you who give me peace

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11-07-2015, 02:06 AM
When going through a hardship, just remember, with the first step in Jannah, you'll forget this all :).

The Dunya has many fun things to do, but nothing compared like Jannah. Use the fun things in the Dunya to motivate you for Jannah, but do not be excessive. Be a Good Muslim and you can have fun in both worlds :ia: :D.

See here Shaykh Hasan Ali doing a bit of go karting :thumbs_up.


11-07-2015, 07:38 AM
We can appreciate everything around us, but should also remember that Dunya was meant as a punishment for Nabi Adam (as). The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception #Quran 3:185

We are travellers in this world, if you will, a mere pitstop to our final destination. Allah describes Jannah in the following verses:
Surah Gashiyah verse 10-16
In an elevated garden,
Wherein they will hear no unsuitable speech.
Within it is a flowing spring.
Within it are couches raised high
And cups put in place
And cushions lined up
And carpets spread around.

The thing is we only know dunya, that is why we are reminded about Jannah because in truth that is where we come from, and ultimately where we all want to return to
So in truth this life is a test for mankind.

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