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11-12-2015, 06:10 PM
1. The smart one isn't the one who wins arguments, rather is the one who avoids getting into them in the first place!

2. 3 Things to Always Remember?
(1) Created: to worship Allaah
(2) Goal: Jannatul Ferdose
(3) Plan: follow the Qur'aan and Sunnah with sincerity and excellence.

3. Dhikr (rememberance of Allah) is to the heart as water is to a fish; see what happens to a fish when it is taken out of water.

4. Whoever wants to know what Allah has prepared for him, should look to what he has prepared for Allah.

5. What are the pillars of Iman (Faith)?
The pillars of Iman are six. The Muslim has to believe in:
(1) Allah
(2) His Angels
(3) His Messengers
(4) His Books
(5) The Last Day
(6) Qadar - Divine Preordainments good or bad.

6. Improve your secret and private life, and Allah will improve your public and social life.

7. Make matters well between you and Allah, and Allah will make matters well between you and people.

8. Work for the Hereafter, and Allah will be enough for you in your worldly concerns.

9. Every journey requires provisions, so let piety be your provision in the journey from the life in this world to the Hereafter.

10. Say "Astaghfirullah" for your sins and mistakes

11. The believer speaks little, but does much. And the hypocrite talks a lot, but does little.

12. Islam is the only non-Christian faith, which makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus (pbuh). No Muslim is a Muslim if he does not believe in Jesus (pbuh).

13. Good manners is part of taqwa and you cannot have taqwa without good manners.

14. Allah is the Greatest and Allah belongs all the praises.

15. He who keeps his heart near Allah will find peace and tranquility, whilst he who gives his heart to the people will find restlessness and apprehension.

16. Live each day for the sake of Allaah according to the Qur'aan and Sunnah.

17. Live each day as your last, Death will come unannounced so be prepared.

18. Alexanders last words: Bury my body, dont build any monument.Keep my hands out,so the world knows, who won the world had nothing in hand when he died!

19. Everything we do has to be intended to be for Allah.

20. The year is like a tree, months are its branches, days are the branch sticks, hours are its leaves, and the breaths are its fruits. Therefore, if one's breaths are in obedience [to Allah and His Messenger], the fruits of his tree are good. If they are in disobedience, his fruits are bitter. The harvest is on the Appointed Day, when one's fruits are found out to be either good or bitter.

21. I asked Allah for strength and Allah gave me difficulties to make me strong, I asked Allah for wisdom and Allah gave me problems to solve, I asked Allah for courage and Allah gave me obstacles to overcome, I asked Allah for love and Allah gave me troubled people to help, I asked Allah for favours and Allah gave me opportunities. Maybe I recieved nothing I wanted, but I received everything I needed

22. People are to be loved and things are to be used. The problem arises when things are loved and people are used.

23. The intelligent person’s tongue is behind his heart: when he wants to speak, he first thinks. If [his words] will be in his favor, he says them, and if they will be against him, he does not speak. And the ignorant person’s heart is behind his tongue: when he merely thinks of saying something, he says it, whether it is for or against him.

24. If a man spreads his secret with his own tongue, then he is a fool, if blame to others he attests; If his own breast is too narrow to conceal his own secret, the breast of another is even more compressed.

25. A calamity that makes you turn to Allah is better for you than a blessing which makes you forget the remembrance of Allah.

26. Run away from greatness and greatness will follow you. There is greatness in the fear of God, contentment in faith of God, and honour in humility

27. Good actions are a guard against the blows of adversity.

28. If you expect the blessings of God, be good to His people.

29. The more knowledge you have, the greater will be your fear of Allah.

30. When you advise any person you should be guided by the fear of Allah.

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11-20-2015, 10:15 PM
Great post!

11-20-2015, 10:49 PM
Anyone who can do this will perfect his manners mashaa allah.

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