View Full Version : Gatwick Airport being evacuated after suspicious item found

11-14-2015, 11:56 AM
A friend told me it may have been a grenade or gun. Allah knows best. This place is close to me as well.

BREAKING: Emergency services on high alert. Heightened security after Paris Attacks.

Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal was evacuated “for the protection of the public” this morning after a suspicious item was found.

Hundreds of people were photographed standing outside the airport in the rain after being told to leave the airport at around 10am.

Witnesses said armed police were arresting a man believed to have a gun in his bag.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police told The Independent she could not confirm the reports of a security alert but said: “The terminal is being evacuated at the moment. It is for the protection at the public.”

She said the evacuation was a precaution sparked by the discovery of a "suspicious article".

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