View Full Version : disguised enemies spreading racism and discord in the muslim community

12-11-2015, 12:49 PM
Salamu alaykum wa rahmat Allah,
There are mischievious people who disguise themselves as muslims and attend mosques and islamic events to spread hatred and discord between muslims. If you encounter someone who is spreading racist beliefs in the masjid your job and duty as a muslim is to stop them and to clarify what the Coran and hadeeth say about racism. If they resist you are obligated to shun them because they resist what Allah Almighty revealed (What can be more arrogant than that?).

Some conquer other nations through seperating and breaking their unity through racism. Any person who attempts to spread hatred and discord between muslims targeting to break their unity is a serpent who must never be trusted because they are working on polluting the hearts of believers and therby destructing the ummah subtly. Muslims its time to know your enemies. If you have been engaging in racism without knowing its grave consequences, its time to sincerely repent to Allah otherwise our hearts will be sealed from the light of iman and our problems will multiply. Verily God will not change our state unless we change whats within our selves. May Allah bestow His mercy and blessings on the ummah of humbleness and sincerity, may Allah make our lives devoted to worshiping Allah, May Allah forgive us and pardon our grievious mistakes against ourselves, and may Allah purify our hearts as only a purity can encompass the light of Allah. Zulum (a word which litteraly means darkness and refers to injustice) shields the heart from iman, may Allah turn our hearts to repentence and shower our hearts with love and blessings.

Who is with me? who will take a firm stand against racism by being open to all muslims and renounce ethnic segeration? Who will take a step closer to Allah? Who will start from nowfoward to implement sincerity in themselves and family, again: who will take a step closer to Allah? Ameen

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12-11-2015, 01:19 PM
im with you! :rock:

racism = bad

12-11-2015, 03:25 PM
imo.. They are all pretty much the same.

Given the upper hand most would subjugate the lower hand.

You mention the Jews and yet if your people came to power you would resemble them..

Or do you see Muslims differently.

It upsets me no end and yet I'm 100% sure you can't see how that comparison makes any sense.

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