View Full Version : Social Crucifixion - Are you willing to let go?

12-24-2015, 08:29 PM

This is so true in this day and age. May Allah prevent us from getting addicted to these tools and help us use them beneficially. Ameen.

We live in an age where the increased use of technology; gadgets and social apps have become an obstacle between us and the real, outside world. Instead of reading a book or interacting with the general public, we sit on a bus with our heads buried deep inside our phones. Instead of reciting the Du'aa first thing in the morning, we reach out to our phones as though our hands are tied to our social apps and parting from them causes us anxiety and distress. Instead of greeting our family when we enter our home or rushing to embrace our spouse and children we are in haste to check our notifications or surf the net. Instead of standing in a lift wearing our smiles, we rudely ignore those around us by staring into our screens.

A practical tarbiyyah tip would be to allocate time where you check your messages and emails, maybe for 10 minutes after every salaah, or for a bit longer before you sleep so no necessary tasks are left. Secondly, you and your family decide a time in the day where you switch off the Internet and simply talk and catch up and have fun. Technology is benefical, however, too much of anything can lead to unhealthy addictions and attachments. Ask yourself, are you willing to let go?

- Sajid Umar

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12-24-2015, 08:57 PM
Maybe people just don't like the view anymore.

...maybe people just want more of the same.

Honestly they put me in a room and I wouldn't even mind closing the doors on em.

But one man's loss.

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