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Ridwaan Ravat
01-06-2016, 01:57 PM

Rasulullaah ﷺ said, “Never wish for death when afflicted by any adversity. If you feel that you need to make this wish, rather say:

اَللّٰهُمَّ أَحْيِنِيْ مَا كَانَتِ الْحَيَاةُ خَيْرٌ لِّيْ وَتَوَفَّنِيْ إِذَا كَانَت ِالْوَفَاةُ خَيْراً لِّيْ

TRANSLITERATION: Allahumma Ahyinee maa kaanatil hayaatu khayran lee wa tawaffanee idhaa kaantil wafaatu khayran lee

TRANSLATION: O Allaah! Grant me life for as long as life is good for me and grant me death when death is best for me.

[Bukhaari 5671, from Hadhrat Anas (RA)]

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01-06-2016, 06:34 PM

May Allah swt help us all control our tongues Ameen.

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