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Ali Hammuda
01-13-2016, 01:09 PM
His father died before he could meet him ..

His mother would die in front of him when he was six ..

His grandfather would pass away two years later ..

He'd witness the death of all of his children with the exception of one ..

He'd witness the death of his beloved wife, Khadeeja ..

He'd kiss his grandchildren whilst knowing that they will be slain ..

He'd see the corpses of his companions having carpeted the battle field ..

He was hit with iron across his radiant face ..

His ankles haemorrhaged after stones were hurled at him ..

He was the subject of black magic ..

He and his companions were starved within a valley for 3 full years ..

He was accused with regards to his mind, his honour, his wife, his intellect ..

The intestines of animals were placed on his neck as he prostrated ..

Before he'd died, he'd pray sat down due to the years of bashing that his exhausted body had received ..

And yet ..

Despite all of this

The Prophet (peace be upon him) would say:
يُعجبني الفألُ
"I love optimism"

What a leader you were O messenger of Allah ..

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01-13-2016, 02:41 PM
Any examples of that? Stories...?

I love optimism too. But realistic. Meaning, nothing is naturally easy and that it will be challenging.

Pessimism gets you nowhere. Why be pessimistic?


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