View Full Version : How to use islam in everday life??

01-14-2016, 02:33 AM
I wonder with all the stresses and hardships, how can we use islam and see islam in order for everday life to not feel so pressuring and not feel so hard and hard to get up everyday, when i say everday pressures i mean like trying so hard to do your best, wanting to fit in? See peopke who have and get to do so much more? See things like say being an actor and having a hard time thinking you coukd never be big? I want to remember allah always and find the best way to remmeber best ways to get through days using islam, also one big thing i struggle with and you i am sure noticed is i ask about jannah alot the main reason is because this lifes makes me want so much so i need jannah hope and like i try to do so much good as much as i can and feel bad when i cant volunteer or cant do good or wanna do acting istead of something better for people? Would love some smart insight

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01-14-2016, 06:43 AM
This is as simple or as difficult as we want to make it. Viewed with all the distractions of the world, it becomes very hard indeed, but viewed from the knowledge that this life is but a temporary abode for us, it may be different.

As with most things, the fundamental part of anything is the intention. For what reason we are doing or going to do something. Usually it is because we want to do it for ourselves or for others (possibly) in the hope of something in return. If Allah does not configure in the equation, from what I have been made to understand, the rewards may be minimal (if any). But if we do things for the sake of Allah, then, success of failure, we will be blessed (provided of course it is along the correct path and not the path Allah has warned us against).

I would stop here as intention is a very hard thing to decipher honestly. Most disguise their intentions, saying they do things for a particular reason when it really isn't the case.

Just food for thought.


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