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Ali Hammuda
01-31-2016, 04:03 PM
The one who is unaware of the story behind these couplets of poetry has missed out on a lot of goodness ..

The following words belong to Sister Amina Qutb. She became engaged to Kamal As-Sanaaneeri whilst he was in prison, having been unjustly sentenced to 25 years. At the time of their engagement, he’d only served 5 years, yet Amina wouldn’t leave his side, visiting her husband as the brutal regime of Egypt transferred him from prison to prison.

After 17 years of colossal patience, her husband was finally released, for them to then live, as she describes, “the happiest years” of her life.
Heartbreakingly however, her happiness was short lived.

The oppressors would snatch away her heart and soul once again, returning her virtuous husband behind bars.

This time, his exhausted body would not cope with the torture and the angel of death would meet him within his cell.

Upon being delivered the heartbreaking news, Amina Qutb wrote the following words:

هل ترانا نلتقي أم أنها .... كانت اللقيا على أرض السراب
"Do you envisage us meeting again, or has it already,
Taken place in the land of mirages;

ثم ولت وتلاشى ظلها .... واستحالت ذكريات للعذاب
Then it withdrew and its shadow vanished,
And turned into torturous memories;

هكذا أسأل قلبي كلما .... طالت الأيام من بعد الغياب
This is what I ask my heart whenever,
The days grow longer from the day of your departure

وإذا طيفك يرنو باسماً .... وكأني في استماع للجواب
But then your memory stares at me, cheerfully
And so it is as if I am listening to the response;

أولم نمضي على الحق معاً .... كي يعود الخير للأرض اليباب
Did we not tread the path of truth together?
So that good can return to the barren land;

فمضينا في طريق شائك .... نتخلى فيه عن كل الرغاب
So we walked along a thorny path,
Abandoning all of our other ambitions;

ودفنا الشوق في أعماقنا .... ومضينا في رضاء واحتساب
We buried our love deep within ourselves,
And we strove on in contentment, hoping in the reward of Allah;

قد تعاهدنا على السير معاً .... ثم اجلت مجيباً للذهاب
We had made an agreement to walk together,
Then you hurried, responding to the call of departure

حين ناداني رب منعم .... لحياتي في جنان ورحاب
When the generous Lord called me,
Inviting me to a life amidst gardens and vastness;

ولقاء في نعيم دائم .... بجنود الله مرحا للصحاب
To a sublime meeting in perpetual happiness,
With the Soldiers of Allah, joyful in their companionship;

قدموا الأرواح والعمر فدا .... مستجيبين على غير ارتياب
They presented their souls and lives, as sacrifice,
Having responded without the slightest hesitation;

فليعد قلبك من غفلاته .... فلقاء الخلد في تلك الرحاب
So let your heart awaken from its sleep,
For the ever-lasting meeting is in such a land;

أيها الراحل عذراً في شكاتي .... فإلى طيفك أنات عتاب
Oh you who has left .. Pardon me for my complaining,
For my heart aches at your remembrance;

قد تركت القلب يدمي مثقلاً .... تائهاً في الليل في عمق الضباب
You’ve left my heart to bleed heavily,
Lost in the night, in the depths of fog;

وإذا أطوي وحيداً حائراً .... أقطع الدرب طويلاً في اكتئاب
My evenings have become ones of confusion and loneliness
As I tread the long path of life in anguish;

وإذا الليل خضم موحش .... تتلاقى فيه أمواج العذاب
My night has become a gloomy sea,
Encountering within it waves of pain;

لم يعد يبرق في ليلي سنا .... قد توارت كل أنوار الشهاب
No longer does light radiate from my nights,
The brightness of stars have disappeared;

غير أني سوف أمضي مثلما .... كنت تلقاني في وجه الصعاب
Despite this, I shall march on just as,
You used to find me, in the face of adversity;

سوف يمضي الرأس مرفوعاً فلا .... يرتضي ضعفاً بقول أو جوابي
My head shall remain raised, and never,
Will it accept weakness in speech, nor in my replies;

سوف تحدوني دماء عابقات .... قد أنارت كل فج للذهاب
I shall be spurred on by the sweet-scented blood,
Blood that has illuminated the roads of ahead"

May Allah have mercy upon Kamal, Amina and their likes ..

And may Allah make sister Amina’s pain-filled words a means for the tears of repentance, the awakening of dead hearts .. and for a real shift, once and for all,
from worldly ambitions to the craving of the Hereafter..

--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV7aJFTP9GA

(Sheikh Sa’d Al-Ghaamidi reading out the couplets of sister Amina)


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