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Ali Hammuda
02-13-2016, 12:36 PM
Having become the subject of global oppression and humility for so long, the average Muslim feels, and understandably so, trapped within shadows upon shadows of bleak darkness ..

It is well known that those who long for daylight the most are those who've been confined within darkness for the longest stretches of time and should the *dimmest* rays of light appear from any direction, they pounce towards it, assuming that this must be dawn!

Thus when terms such as "Khilaafa", "Islamic state" and their likes begin to surface, droves of sincere enthusiasts rush towards them without second thought, having assumed that *this* is the missing dawn..

However ..

The Prophet PBUH informed us that their are two types of Fajr/ dawns ..

One that is 'Saadiq'/true and one that is 'Kaathib'/false.

Should you pray upon seeing the false dawn, your prayer is rejected .. Rulings are pending upon the true dawn.

How many times are precious lives lost and wonderful zeal is wasted in pursuit of a false dawn?

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02-13-2016, 03:37 PM
I dont get why the media keep calling them by Islamic state.
A islamic state should be there but only by the citizens voting for this them selves, afterall the world recognize a jewish state and thats allowed aswell. However the only place i can think of that would be the best to start something like that is saudi arabia.
I also dont understand how these people can truly believe they will conqued the world, islam should only convert others by giving them a invite and the true example of how humanity should live with each other.

Most of the young people tht join the idiost with blackflags are not brainwashed by the book of Allah swt but are feed eith anger trough their call of duty games.

When they call on people telling them the holy war has started they are more stupid than they look like.
The holy war will be in the age of the Dajjal, when the muslims have a army withthe mahdi and nabi isa as will decent.

This is only a war into the malhama. The prophecy of iraq and syria are fulfilled and Egypt will be next.
But when war starts in Egypt we will have the real deal to witness. Lets pray for the best. Ameen

02-13-2016, 06:20 PM
Originally Posted by Faithbox
I dont get why the media keep calling them by Islamic state.
A islamic state should be there but only by the citizens voting for this them selves, afterall ...
Fair point!


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