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View Full Version : Fajr and the Cigarette

02-14-2016, 11:36 AM
23 days ago while praying Fajr I was so much enjoying my prayer except for one thing that all of sudden disturbed the peace that I was in, It was the smoke smell of the brother next to me who appeared as if he had just finished his cigarette before entering the Masjid.

I decided to give him Dawah,

Once we're done with the azthkar after the prayer I spoke to him gently about that matter and I mentioned the hadeeth that the angles get offended from what offends human being. I even joked with him a little as I asked him; how could your wife tolerate that smell whenever you kiss her? He smiled and said: she doesn't.

I asked him, so why don't you quit ?

He said: he can't.

I told him look we just prayed Fajr and let us make Duaa and ask Allah to help u quitting then I prayed for him.

This morning and after 23 days he came to me after we prayed and asked me, do u remember me?

Sure it was the same person.

He said Alhamdulillah I quit smoking since you told me that hadeeth about the angles getting offended from whatever offends humans.

Brothers and sisters we just need to make and effort. Indeed that will make a big difference.

May Allah guide us to what's best and keep us steadfast on His straight path. Ameen

- Dr Muhammad Salah

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02-14-2016, 01:04 PM
gr8 lesson :shade:


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