View Full Version : The Cave of Ashāb al-Kahf: Where and When?

02-26-2016, 10:21 AM
The location of the cave of the Ashab al-Kahf has been an issue of much conflict amongst the Ulama and researchers. Where is the cave situated in which Ashab al-Kahf slept for over 300 years? Some researchers have reported it to be in the city Ephesus, Turkey. Some have named a cave in Spain to be the cave of Ashab al-Kahf, and others have claimed it to be in Jordan, Syria, or Yemen. But a Jordanian researcher, Muhammad Taysir Zibyan, who was the editor of the magazineAl-Shari`ah, arrived in Pakistan in 1976, where he visited Darul Uloom in order to meet my father (Mufti Muhammad Shafi Usmani). It was there that he stated with great determination and full confidence that this cave has been discovered on a mountain near Amman. He further stated, “I have written an article to verify this.”In view of the proof and evidence he presented at that time, it seemed conceivable that the cave of the Ashab al-Kahf is most probably situated there.Brother Zibyan has now passed away, but has safely stored away his investigations in a book calledLocation of Ashab al-Kahf’s Cave, published by Darul Ii’tisaam........http://www.ilmgate.org/the-cave-of-a...here-and-when/

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