View Full Version : A tribute to one of the most influential person in your life

Khalid Saifullah
03-10-2016, 11:25 PM
A tribute to one of the most influential person in your life ... Which you may have forgotten by now

Whilst passing brilliant fatwas .....
O Mufti, do not forget !

Whilst crying eloquent duas ....
O Haji, do not forget !

When you give your zakaat and help the poor ....
O Businessman do not forget !

When taking a new bride through the marital door ...
O Husband do not forget !

When taking care of your flock ...
O Wife, do not forget !

For Tahujjud, when you set your clock ...
O Buzurgh do not forget !

When making a success of your profession. ..
O doctor or lawyer , do not forget

* Do not forget the one who taught you Alif, Baa & Taa !

* Do not forget your first simple "USTAAD" and that simple "AAPA" !

For, In all that you did and will achieve, they played a major part,

When last did you remember them with a dua from your heart ?

Are they well, are they alive, do they still teach, where are they, do you know ?

If you do not, then as successful as you are, a 'Major Debt' you do owe !

A debt that will never be able to be paid off even with valleys of gold,

Yet, with a salaam and a word of shukr, their duas you will continue to hold !

Oh Allah, Bless all those who taught us, in this world and in the world of everlasting life, Protect them, Help them, Be Pleased with them and Save them from every
kind of strife !

Forgive them their faults and mistakes, Ya Rabb al Alameen, And Upon their duas, make the creation say an Accepted


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