View Full Version : Migrant mum gives birth in tent city, forced to wash child in puddle

03-13-2016, 12:24 PM
So sad subhan Allah :(.

  • An estimated 14,000 refugees from the Syrian conflict are stuck on the Greek border with Macedonia Macedonia president Gjorge Ivanov sealed the frontier this week claiming he was being 'flooded by jihadists'
  • Thousands of desperate migrants have established a tent city on the Greek border town of Idomeni
  • Ivanov claimed there were 20 million people looking to attempt the journey to Europe from Sudan and Egypt

This is the shocking moment a migrant mother was forced to bathe her infant child in a puddle in the Greek border village of Idomeni.

Several thousand migrants are stuck around the frontier as Balkan countries sealed their borders to prevent the families from continuing their journey northwards.
The mother, reported to be named Sulaf, and her one-month-old baby thought to be called Bayan, are among around 14,000 people stuck on the Greek side of the border with Macedonia.

Around 2,000 migrants a day are arriving in Greece, only a fraction of that number are leaving, with the backlog causing a major problem. In the camp in Idomeni, there have been fights among refugees as aid organisations tried to distribute supplies and food.

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