View Full Version : i want to know about imam mehdi...warning: its a stupid question....

03-14-2016, 02:52 PM
assalam alaikum!

first i'm sorry i know my question does not fall in that category or type or whatever you call it but i just didn't know where to put it:hiding:

now i'm 14 years old and its been 2 years i reaaally got interested in islam:D but there are somethings that get me thinking and thinking over them. and so i'm here to first clarify myself if the tradition that says imam mahdi was born and at the age of five his dad died and he was under occultation and........that he'll reappear in the end of time is true? like he WAS born and he's living now? i searched alot about this but i came up with different answers for different sects.....now i'm sunni (i'm not sure....my parents are so i guess i'm one too........) but then even sunnis differ in views........so please tell me about that....like with what belief do i have to go with......or tell me if i can ignone it and just belief this guy will appear one day, doesn't matter reappear or like you know......

and if thats not the case then you go with the thought that he is not born yet and he will someday? please also tell me what the majority says.......
i know islam tells us to go with majority, i mean because

Anas bin Malik said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah say: ‘My nation will not unite on misguidance, so if you see them differing, follow the great majority.’”(Ibn Majah)

and The Beloved Prophet pbuh said: “Allah will never allow my Ummah to unite upon misguidance and incorrect beliefs. Allah’s mercy, blessings and protection are with the largest group of Muslims. And he who deviates from this largest group of Muslims will be thrown into Hell.” (Tirmizi)

now if u believe he was born and like he's hiding and will reappear and all that. then i have another question which might be reaaaaaaaaalllyyyy stupid but i'm not going to stop!

so like the prophet pbuh has mentioned his existence( i'm not sure as in now or then) and thats for sure right? there are many hadith and one that i remember is:

"the promised mahdi will be among my progeny, among the descendents of fatima"(abu dawud, sahih V.2 part. 207, ibn majah V.2 part 519)

so like( IF he is born already) when imam mehdi was born his parents would have been like lets name him mahdi!..... and then he......... became "imam mahdi"........and why did particularly his parents do that, why not someone before? i mean in the previous generations? or why not later?

and if your answer is that it doesn't matter like this just happened and let it be that way then did his parents do it on purpose.... ?like intentionally..........?like they just thought our son is going to be the one! or did like allah made them do that or like allah planned that this one is going to be imam mahdi!?

maybe no one has the answer to that question except for allah but what about the paragraph above it? i mean like did his parents be like so u know great great great great great great great grandfather muhammad pbuh had a prophecy about this one guy in our generation thats going to....all that...and his name will be mahdi so lets name our son mahdi!

i know thats weird AND a very stupid and........but i'm going to take advantage of the fact that you'll be reading this via internet and not be able to kill me....or atleast slap or punch me in the face!:shade: and i dont mind if you please tell me if i'm wrong to ask questions like that...........butimsad........ something just sounded weird to me and i want to make myself clear..... ^o)

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03-15-2016, 08:03 AM
Salam. His name will not be Mahdi. His name will be Muhammed Mustafa like our Prophet but he will be called Mahdi when he starts his mission.

03-15-2016, 08:26 AM
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