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03-16-2016, 02:22 AM
During our recent visit to Burma Refugee Camp in Hyderabad, India we have found that:

1.* People are still living in very pathetic condition which is hard to see

2.* We have seen that kids are still without clothes

3.* Womens dont have proper clothes to wear

4.* No drainage facilities, all washrooms are without doors and sheds

5.* There is a masjid made in a single room but without roof

6.* No proper drinking water etc.*

7. Attached has more details.

Please donate generously. For Details Call/Whatsap/SMS

In Hyderabad:*Mohammed Abdul Kaleem:*+91 998-909-2805


United Volunteers Association

Phone #*(629) 777-6786

Fax #*(302) 729-1431

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