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03-18-2016, 08:58 PM
Assalamun alaikum

this is my first post here...

ok i dnt know how to start this but will dive into it ...long story short........firstly ive been married for 23yrs...before i got married when this proposal came i didnt agree to this marriage i knew this marriage wont be gud..had a feeling but parents went ahead and fixed the marriage (they didnt do background check..didnt anyth that should be done before getting your child married)..after marriage knew my gut instinct was right..tried to leave marriage but parents were like ur married now this is what Allaah want so get on with it....i was like yea this is what Allaah and plus u shld listen to parents so i got on with thing.....

ive heard many lecture where they say you end up with your dunya spouse...my question is if you didnt wanna married someone and was forced into marrying and spend ur life getting on with things...in aakhirah would you end up with the same person..even though you dnt want to be with this person in aakhirah no matter how wonderful they wld be..etc....

i know everyone keeps saying u shldnt worry abt this..ul b happy with what you get in jannah..but this is on my mind alot and its really affecting me...i never got to choose in dunya so this means il end up with the same guy in aakhirah even though i dnt wanna him as my spouse in aakhirah....

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03-18-2016, 09:45 PM
Dear sister,
I want to share my painful experience with you. I loved a girl from the bottom of my heart but I couldn't get to marry her because, later, I knew she was my sister as her mother had milked me more than five times. That girl was and still everything for me. She got married another guy, and so did I. I know, in this worldly life, we have been separated, but I do wish, later in Paradise [Inchaa Allah], we get married and live together. This is my belief. Concerning your tragedy, I do believe you were obedient to your parents who had committed a sin by forcing you marry that man, and you got a long with that horrible situation in a way that pleases Allah, so surely you will be rewarded the way you want in Paradise. And Allah is the All-Knowing.

03-19-2016, 12:19 PM
jazakAllaahu khayr for sharing your story.........May Allaah swt grant us our hearts desire in jannah.......ameen

~ Sabr ~
03-21-2016, 02:08 PM

Originally Posted by butterfly123
.ul b happy with what you get in jannah.
You answered your own question. Khalaas. Trust Allaah.

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