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03-21-2016, 01:25 PM

‘You remember those butt hurt mureeds who work themselves up into an apoplexy every time someone points out the blindingly obvious flaws of their beloved Sheikh?

Well, that’s you that is.’

First someone says something about the Sheikh, or forwards a video, writes an article etc.

Usually it’s not anything which is that shocking, just a valid criticism or at the very least something which if these mureeds were genuine they’d find it easily justifiable based upon the evidences available but then reason goes out the window and all hell breaks lose…

We’ve all seen it again and again from certain groups and almost cult like followers of certain sects and Sheikhs but how much are we afflicted with this same phenomenon ourselves or see it in those around us?

Nowadays we see brothers and sisters you think are good in their deen, because they are some what similar ish, sort of the same as ourselves in aqeedah and manhaj but still act out like butt-hurt mureeds because they see something or hear something or read something disagreeable about their Sheikh.

Last few days I’ve seen many go into overdrive producing witty comments and memes, lol’ing at others attempts at ad hominem attacks on social media, but not actually engaging with the discussion or even listening to the points being put by the other side or trying to understand them and their point of view.

Either engage in the debate, listen to both sides and then respond or else stay out of the debate!

It’s entirely this superficial, 140 character, hizbi (partisan) take upon the deen we need to move away from and which seems particular to so many of the Muslims I meet here in Britain.

May Allaah subhanahu wa ta’ala guide us all to a true appreciation of this deen, the level of commitment required to understand it even to a basic level and attach our hearts to the truth, not personalities who can and do change, ameen.

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03-21-2016, 01:29 PM
Lol I don't follow any of em, iv listened for a while and everyone has glimpses of genius..

Although in the end, Allah swt needs nothing and no one.

The untainted truth is hard to find.. Maybe the truth is subjective.

And our experiences define it and corrupt it.

...I usually oppose everything.

I'd be pretty miffed with some of the things you have quoted..

Although people have still liked them.

Not a PlayStation fan or an Xbox fan.. I moved over to steam ages ago.

...when they catch up it will be easy to see.

IRL I oppose nothing.

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