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03-24-2016, 10:51 PM
After the battle of Khunayn and siege of taif, Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon HIM) and companions returned with wealth and booty. Most of the booty was distributed between the Quraysh tribe and Non-Muslims. Abu Sufyan got 100 camels and a valley of sheep. He was amazed by the generosity and accepted Islam.

The Ansar (Citizens of Madina) were upset by this distribution. They were complaining about the distribution. One of the Ansar even said that this was a distribution that was unjust. Listening to this Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon HIM) became angry till his face became red and said: Woe to you, who is going to be just if I am not just.

Umar farooq radi ALLAHu anhu and Khalid Bin waleed radi ALLAHu anhu wanted to kill that person. But Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon HIM) did not took retribution from that man.

However looking at their disappointments Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon HIM) delivered a very emotional Sermon, below is the summary of that Sermon:
  • Oh, you Ansar, what’s this thing I’m hearing that you are saying, didn’t I find you astray and ALLAH (The Almighty) guided you by me?
  • Didn’t I find you as enemies and ALLAH (The Almighty) brought your hearts together because of ME?
  • Quraysh are coming out of kufr and calamity. I wanted to make them feel better and bind them.
  • I leave you trusting your Islam is so perfect and nothing can waiver it.

Then Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon HIM) said something very emotional, HE said:
  • Aren’t you content Oh! People of Ansar that these people go with goats, sheep and camels and you will go back with MESSENGER of ALLAH?
  • If it wasn’t for Hijrah, I would be a man from Ansar.

Then HE Sallalaahu alayhi wasallam supplicated for the ansar by saying: Oh ALLAH (The Almighty) have mercy on the Ansar and on the children of the Ansar and HIS speech was not finished but there was not a single dry eye remaining and the beards were wet with their tears. ALLAHu Akbar

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