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03-31-2016, 09:14 PM
I think all of the political parties are horrible....the AKP has taken over most of the newspapers and news stations and censors all dissent against President Erdogan, they were involved in a corruption scandal in 2013 and placed the blame on a "parallel structure" which was my family's cemaat the gulen movement, and began harassing gulen movement members and shutting down their private schools and news networks, is MAJOR on censorship, wants erodgan to have the powers of a us president rather than let turkey be a parliamentary democracy, is arming al nusra and buying oil from isis, and even sent a 13 year old to prison for "insulting erdogan"....the poor little boy even wet his pants out of fear....
they also refused to let the pkk fight isis, which led to a pkk rebellion which has claimed the lives of thousands, and before that, during the peace process, they allowed the pkk to stockpile weapons and grow stronger....
they did good things too, though....
they turned turkey into an economic and military power, but now the economy is going down...
they also allowed in 2.5 million syrian refugees, but i think that was just to keep the eu quiet about their war crimes (like funding isis and alqaeda) and censorship.......since the eu (with the exception of germany) doesnt want refugees....when two journalists discovered turkish troops were arming islamist rebels in syria, they were arrested for "spying" and the constitutional court let them go, and erdogan said he does not respect the decision and threatened to destroy the court....a video was leaked onto the internet showing turkish generals planning a false flag attack, where they would fire at turkey from within syria and use it as a pretext to invade syria......youtube was shut down....the government has the power to shut down facebook and twitter and youtube at will
the chp is no better, as the party leader threatened to send all the syrians home...
the mhp is too far right, and extreme (they're nationalist, and also dotn seem to want refugees, but i dont know enough)
and the hdp is the kurdish party, which is far left (democratic socialist, requires a 50 percent quota for women in parliament in their party and 10 percent quota for gays)........it's a mess.....and for what? for islamist rhetoric, but no action? 13 percent of children in religious schools in turkey pray 5 times a day, according to STATE REPORTS.......children are smoking and drinking alcohol and selling drugs, and trade with israel has doubled or even quadrupled...so much for standing up to the zionists.....anyway, i hope im not offending any turks here

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04-01-2016, 06:57 PM
no opinion :omg::omg:

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