View Full Version : Don't busy yourself with the flaws of others

Khalid Saifullah
04-01-2016, 07:29 PM
Butter and jam are things that you should spread,
And If you fancy honey, then too, go right ahead!

Strawberry, mixed fruit and many other flavours you can choose,
But the mistakes and the sins of others are not flavours to use!

For, the sinner will, insha Allah, realise his errors and may eventually repent,
But your sin remains with the whatsapp message that you forwarded and sent!

You thought you did absolutely no wrong by sharing it with another,
But in your action you have hurt and destroyed the reputation of a brother!

Somebody may have committed Adultery ,a Major Sin, for sure,
But when you spread and exposed it, you have committed many more!

For now, in your book, Gheebat, slander, exposing sins of others and betraying trusts have been noted,
Remember! Worse than the flesh of swine, is when, upon the flesh of a brother, a man becomes bloated!

- m.o

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