View Full Version : Diyya and qisas?

04-04-2016, 09:44 PM
I find these concepts in Sharia extremely problematic. First of all, doesn't diyya, or "blood money", promote unequality? Can't it be used by richer individuals as a way to avoid trial? Poor people surely do not have the option of paying diyya for their crimes. And when it comes to qisas, the concept of "an eye for an eye", I frankly find it unfit for any modern justice system. The legal system shouldn't be about revenge, it should be about protecting the citizens from crime. And there is no evidence that stricter punishments reduce crime rates. in fact evidence points otherwise. People do not think on risk/reward factors when comitting crimes. Many do not even take to consdieration they might get caught or what the punishments would be. Crimes are comitted by humans and are motivated by societal reasons, and are often impulsive. That is why I do not think "eye for an eye" is a humanistic concept. I'd prefer to give criminals rehabilitation so they can identify their mistakes. The system of qisas would only create more hatred in the society.

Would like to hear your opinions about diyya and qisas, and why you think they are just.

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Saleem Khan
04-05-2016, 07:23 AM
Brother before you object to the justice of a legal system you need to educate yourself in the matter.

Diyyat can only be paid if the person was killed by accident (manslaughter). In such a case Diyyat is necessary to pay. However in the case of murder. Qisas will take place.

If Diyyat becomes necessary on a poor person then he judge will order all his tribe/relatives to assist him.

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