View Full Version : PAAN remedy (Betel Leaf)

Khalid Saifullah
04-07-2016, 06:41 PM
A traditional treatment for colds and bronchitis for babies and children. Tried and tested over years.
You will need :

1 x fresh paan leaf
Camphorated oil
Cotton wool

*Heat paan leaf in microwave for few seconds till warm.
Place between two layers of thin cotton wool and drops of camphorated oil.
Can also rub chest rib cage and back with little warmed camphorated oil.
Place cotton wool with paan on chest .
Do this for few nights.
It will draw cold out. Paan becomes slightly black.
Can leave on in the day as well.

* In acute cases, contact your medical doctor.
* Highly recommended to use FLANNEL VESTS. Tried and tested by our grannies for generations. (Available from BBM - ML Rajah)

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