View Full Version : Starvatin to death of the Sunni Muslims

04-07-2016, 07:25 PM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Starvatin to death of the Sunni Muslims

According to news in Iraq and Syria, thousands of Sunni Muslims are besieged by the Shiya and Alawi militia and their food supply is cut off to starve them to death!!! In Iraq the Shiya forces are helped by America while in Syria Shiya and Alawi forces are helped by both of America and Russia!!! A few days ago I watched the news in Iraq (on line). Many Sunni families were running to the places under the control of the Islamic Government because of the advancement of the Iraqi+Irani Shiya forces (helped by America) towards their cities/villages!!! It was said that Shiya Militia has besieged Sunni Muslims in Falooja and has cut off their food supply so that they are starving to death!!! Therefore from other places Sunnis are running away to take refuge in he area under the Islamic Government.

The Americans never protested for humanity to stop the shiyas and Alawis from brutally killing hundreds of thousands of the innocent Sunni Muslims in Syria nor they raised their voice against the sieges in Syria and Iraq to protect people from starvation, alas!!! They never protested against Bashaar to bring him down from the ruling position and punish him for the crimes he did. He has killed millions of the Syrians and also other millions are displaced living as refugees in other countries!!! All refugee problem in the world is due to the crimes of Bashaar. Why don’t the Americans say to their government to help those innocent people in terrible sufferings???

It is said that America and Russia are the super powers. If Allah, The Almighty God has given them so much power in the land of Allah, then their duty was and is to protect and help the innocent people!!! But instead, they are helping the wicked killers to kill, and besiege the innocent Sunni Muslims to starve them to death!!! This is a very bad example of the use of power in history.

However, this world is not without God. Almighty Allah (The only One God, Creator and Lord) did give power to many people in the past and tested them. Finally, due to their transgression and injustices, Allah Almighty destroyed them utterly. Remember the example of Pharaoh and his followers. He was very powerful and very cruel. Finally, Allah killed them by drowning them in an ocean. Surely, in the story of Pharaoh and his people, there is a lesson for the powerful people who use their power to kill and torture people!!!


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04-07-2016, 08:37 PM
Who will claim the Islamic state?

...probably not the people.

Seriously if you had to build something from scratch going to war is not the ideal start..


Maybe they should have started a prayer group.

But seriously, there reputation proceeds them.. It's a civil war by any other name.

Isn't it?

Patronising post considering the number of dead..displaced and starving..

Ironically who will claim the people of the Islamic state?

Probably some Sunni Muslims in there so nothing to worry about.

...shame honestly, you want the temple of Baal? Should have sold it.

Probably pays better than ransoming people.

...maybe the war won't reach Western shores.

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