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View Full Version : Performing Umrah in Ramadan

04-13-2016, 11:08 AM
It is proved that performing Umrah during Ramadan has got the most significance and virtues for those who perform and it has got a reward equivalent to Hajj. This means that performing Umrah and Hajj are two different things. Only performing Umrah in Ramadan benefits as much as performing Hajj but that does not discharge the duty of doing Hajj. Hajj for Allah has significance of its own.

What is meant by the Hadith is that both the terms become equivalent in reward when Umrah is performed in Ramadan, but they are never equal in terms of fulfilling the duty. Moreover, the equivalency of the reward is in terms of quantity but not the type. There is no doubt that Hajj is far more superior to Umrah in terms of the method and actions.

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