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04-15-2016, 01:52 PM
"Legends of Islam"

Do you know about your legends..?

Father of early chemistry - Jabir Bin Hayyan

Father of algebra - Al-Khwarzml

Father of early economics - Ibn-e-Khaldoon

Father of experimental physics - Ibn Al-haytham

Father of algorithms - Al-Khwarzrni

Father of scientific method - Ibn Al-haytham

Father of sociology - Ibn-e-Khaldoon

Father of modern medicine - Bu Ali Sina

Father of indology - Al Beruni

Father of histography - Ibn-e-Khaldoon

Father of anthropology - Al Beruni

Father of demography - Ibn-e-Khaldoon

Father of modern surgery - Al-Zuhrawi

Father of robotics - Al-Jazari

Father of tubular designs - Fazlur Khan

Father of microcredit - M. Yunus

Father of optics - Ibn Al-haytham

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04-15-2016, 03:23 PM
True legends, ma'sha'Allah.

We have such an amazing history, if only we would build on it. These men, when you read about their lives, were inspired to learn as a way to worship Allah and to follow the injunctions of Islam by seeking knowledge.
Ascientist once said that if the Muslims hadn't been drawn into civilwar, we would have been on the moon by the fifteenth century, subhanAllah. We are the Ummah of 'Iqra.' I find it ironic when in schoolbooks I was told of the 'Dark Ages' as if it was a global era, when this applies only to Europe, for many civilizations were flourishing elsewhere, particularly as this was the time of the Islamic golden age, when Muslims were the leaders of intellectual civilisation for centuries.

04-16-2016, 08:59 PM
Did you know that Spain, which is argued to have set course on "Modernity" that provided Europe with the flourishing 'modern' elements would have been impossible without Muslim influence in Spain since 711? There is awesome work by Americo Castro on the influence that Muslims left in Spain and the fact that without this influence, Spain would have not been the first "modern" society in the context of Europe. There is also a nice article by Enrique Dussel (called: The World System: Europe as the Center and its Periphery' Beyond Eurocentrism). Although it does not mention Islam as providing Spain with the tools on which it set out to expand itself, the combination of Americo Castro's work with Enrique Dussel's is quite insightful and a nice counter-argument against people who perceive Islam to be 'pre-modern', when it facilitated Spain's expansion.

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