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View Full Version : Kufr and shirk

04-16-2016, 09:07 AM
Kufr and shirk are 2 deadly tricks of shytan which he uses to get the believers involved in either of them by inculcating ill feelings of arrogance, haughtiness for kufr; and excessive admiration, blind faith in personalities for shirk.

Former is related to mind and latter to heart.

First group of people is subjected to arrogance which is the result of misled -intellect and transgression of shariah by wrong use of reasoning power. These people are highly presumptuous in dealings with other groups of Muslim community. They assume themselves as the most knowledgeable and superior . what they think is always right and rest of the people especially righteous Muslims are taken for granted as retarded and imbecile.

Whereas the people of 2nd group are ultra credulous, superstitious and blind believers in personalities. They don't use their mind to differentiate between truth or false.

They wouldn't listen to you against sayings and doings of their scholars/Peer/Masha'ikh.

Consequently, this excessive admiration may entail even shirk.

May Allah swt keep us steadfast on deen. Ameen

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04-16-2016, 09:18 AM

How do we reconcile between the two, in order to obtain the knowledge required? For example, the accidental use of a Shia/Sufi scholar whose discussion on a certain thing is not at fault, for they use Hadiths / Quran to discuss a particular issue. In particular, the use of scholars to gain knowledge for people who do not speak Arabic, but whose purpose for using or sourcing these scholars is to obtain a holistic grounding on said issue? I say this because I accidentally used a Shia scholar on another forum, his discussion on the particular topic was not looked at, but he was immediately discredited because he was "Shia".

As a convert, I do not like the political divisions in Islam and I like to engage with different materials. Of course, the Quran and Hadith are the main sources, for which I follow Bukhari's version, but the Quran always remains the number one source on which to explore the discussion of scholars on the materials.

So how do we reconcile, when people stigmatize specific groups of Muslim communities, without seeing their contributions or discussions of topics.

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