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View Full Version : The rise of Islam in political concerns - a discipline movement

04-16-2016, 11:34 PM

My dear brothers and sisters, I would like to share something interesting. In one of my graduate seminars this term, we had to present our working papers on issues of security, identity and citizenship. As I was looking at the schedule for our mini conference on our papers, I noticed that more than half the class focused on Islam and Muslims within their working papers. There are only two students in our class who are Muslim, a sister and myself. I was surprised, but then again I have begun to see a movement within the political discipline that looks towards Islam, whether it is to explore the contributions of the Muslim world in terms of science, the Cosmopolitan identity of the Muslim Ummah, or the realization that legislative and security practices against Muslims within the context of Europe / Western nations are yet again another form of intrinsically hidden colonial management practices. Regardless of the reasons, them movement across the discipline is delightful. More scholars, Muslim and non-Muslim are probing questions into Islam and engaging with it in their work. Furthermore, the mantra of "secularism" is actually beginning to cripple and fall within our discipline. Scholars are questioning the validity of 'secularism' when religion and thus belief is a pertinent and important aspect of our societies.

I would like to keep this thread to discuss articles, books and scholars in the discipline of politics that have engaged with Islam and those that continue to engage with it. Also, to discuss scholars that criticize the current implementation of security and legislative policies in the EU.

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04-17-2016, 10:46 AM
Your points are interesting sis, understanding the impact Islam has politically and demographically in Europe is key to understanding the state of world affairs today. I think from the conquest of Al-Andalus by Muslims in the 8th century Islam has had a major role in influencing politics in the European continent and this continues today. For example in the Middle Ages during the Islamic Golden Age there was a lot of 'diffusion' of cultures and arts between Islamic nations and Europe and this is still evident, like for example in Spain.

If you read the work of Orientalists they were mystified by Islam, they found it to be this strange, cult-like religion and this is evident in their views. I think it is really positive non-Muslim scholars are making more of an effort into understanding Islam, its teachings, and how they influence Muslims. Many find it strange how Islam involves itself with its adherents not only on the individual and spiritual level, but also in community, social and political life. This is different from other religions, for example Christianity, where the Church and State is kept separate, or atheism, which claims that religion has no place in the public sphere at all. Especially in the 21st century, where secularism is still seen as the way forward, in Muslim nations Islam is very much part of political life and is a major player on the world stage, at a spiritual level as well. For Muslims, Islam is a way of life and so separation of religion and state is just not possible for us, if others understood this and communicated on that context it would be amazing.

Sorry for the essay, lol, this is just my humble opinion :D. Share your findings, sis, inshaAllah :)

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