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View Full Version : Learn arabic and Quran easily online

04-25-2016, 07:10 PM
Learn arabic and Quran easily online whith daralfasaha

Arabic language

At Daralfasaha we have gained expertise and experience over the past +8 years our online program has been running. The program has been welcomed and appreciated by our students and all praise is to Allah for his bounties, Glory be to Him alone. The students have realised the fruits of their efforts and we are pleased that they have achieved this goal.


Do you need to learn the benefits of reciting the Qur’an? Or to revise the Qur’an, or to memorise the Qur’an memorise or better your recitation? We have qualified teachers for all the above. They have Ijaazaah (authorisation/permission) to teach the Noble Qur’an.


Since education begins at an early age, and it is in the interest of parents to teach their children at an early age ,as has been said: “Education at a young age is like inscribing in stone”, we have developed a special program for children so they can learn Arabic and the Quraan, and Islamic culture correct.


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