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السلام عليكم

The Movie / Film Database

The purpose of this thread is to create a database for films / movies, to be rated for a Muslim audience. I know a lot of times we see films and in the back the film is rated PG, G, or even 14. However, pop that movie in, and the film is definitely NOT safe for a Muslim audience. I know some people here will say, "don't watch films...", but we all watch films because well they're interesting and contain stories. Anyhow, I just wanted to create a database for people who do see films and would like things that are family friendly in their collections, or for the latest movies we can all collaborate and keep ourselves informed on what things are in a film, whether it is to avoid the sexual content, whether it is hidden or explicit as well as to avoid watching films that are outright discriminatory in nature. I know the other day I was watching a film that I thought was about aliens... It ended up being about humans invading an Alien planet and trying to free the women in this planet. All through the whole film it was reminiscent of the invasion of Afghanistan and the image that Muslim women are oppressed. How did I know? My mother said the alien looked like an Arab, and not to mention the woman that was shot by her Alien "possessor" was wearing a full on Burka....

Rules of the Thread
1. Don't antagonize people
2. If you do not watch movies, don't come and impose your views on others about not watching movies.

This is a thread to make a database about SAFE films and to instruct others about hidden content and messages inside films they have seen. The fact of life is that children, family and people do see films, encounter videos and unless you are fully isolated from the world (of course isolation means you would also be unable to view this message) then there's no point in telling others not to view films. We all see them.

Submitting a Film / Movie
If you are going to submit a film to the database please submit it through the following code and provide a "link" of your post to add to the front section.

Film name: (write name here)
Year of production: (when was the movie released/ produced)
Suggested Rating: (if it says it is 14, but should be rated "R" then please list here)
Scenes of concern (if the movie has a couple of scenes list them here): (if there were some scenes that should be 'skipped' and the rest of the movie is ok, list it here, does the movie have language issues? I.E there might not be sexual scenes, but there will be foul language).
The following should read like this:

Film name: Ever After: Cinderella Story
Year of production: (1998)
Suggested Rating: (It states it is PG-13 and it is an appropriate rating)
Scenes of concern (if the movie has a couple of scenes list them here): There is a kissing scene, but it is mild and it happens after the prince and Cinderella meet the gypsies. There is also another scene where an older gentleman tries to kiss Cinderella near the end of the film. No foul language.

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Film name: Amal
Year of production: (2007)
Suggested Rating: Unrated
Scenes of concern: Mild language in some scenes

If anyone does watch a movie with their kids, do check it here before watching: http://www.kids-in-mind.com/

Informative website.

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