View Full Version : Monotheism (التَّوْحيِدُ) Books And Study Programs and Translations

06-09-2016, 10:49 PM
Monotheism (التَّوْحيِدُ)
Monotheism (التَّوْحيِدُ) Books And Study Programs and Translations

التوحيد المرحلة الأولى

I have only split the Monotheism (التَّوْحيِدُ) section of my study and translation program into two levels. Most topics have three levels, an introduction/beginners level, a good student level and an advanced students/beginners Scholars level. For Monotheism (التَّوْحيِدُ) it was sufficient to have two levels and to move into the creed section after level 1 or level 2. Each level has a main recommended book and an extra supplementary section. You may move from level 1 to level 2 without studying any of the extra supplementary books or you may do all of them or some of them. You must note that this is my program and not a program recommended from a specific scholar or a particular book. This program I put together only after studying most of these books by Scholars, Callers to Islam, student of knowledge etc after studying with them in the Middle East and watching lectures on Youtube. So it’s a personal program that I am sharing with the people on the internet. The two mains books are recommend by Scholars in their study programs. I have regularly changed the order in the extra supplementary section over the past 7 years until I became happy with this order. I still may change in the future once I have finished translating these short texts/books/treatise. I may in the future add a few more treatises to each level. All treatises are written by Muhammadu-bnu abdi-lWahhaab unless stated otherwise.

The books from 1 to 15 (at present) are listed here in Arabic and English


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06-13-2016, 09:42 PM
التوحيد المرحلة الثانية

The second level of Monotheism

As for the second level I recommend (1) and (3) then spend your time over a given period to covering the other books. As you can see from (5), (7) and (10) other scholars covered this area of Monotheism (التَّوْحيِدُ) before Muhammadu-bnu abdi-lWahhab.

The books from 1 to 10 (at present) are listed here in Arabic and English

06-14-2016, 11:15 PM
program 2:
Here is another program format to follow if you want in tawheed:

This is the first volume of 13 of all or most of Muhammadu-bnu abdi-lWahhaab books. It took a week to collect and arrange in this order by Saud University. Volume 1 covers Creed (العقيدة), which in this case included Monotheism (التَّوْحيِدُ).


Arabic version

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