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'abd al-hakeem
07-14-2016, 04:29 PM


Can someone please make this sticky - :jz:.

The "Islamic Guidance" Youtube channel have completed a revised series of the Sirah of Prophet Muhammad :saws1: and I wanted to share the collection of links with my brothers and sisters here at IB. May Allah :swt: soften all of our hearts, with the life of the Prophet of All Mankind, and our Creator's Beloved Muhammad, :saws:. May Allah subhanahu wa Ta'ala guide us all, forgive us all and grant us Mercy and Serenity in this life and the next. Amin ya Rabbil alamin.


01 Muhammad (saw): Intro
02 Muhammad (saw): Before Prophethood
03 Muhammad (saw): Revelation and Reaction
04 Muhammad (saw): Migration to Abyssinia
05 Muhammad (saw): Islam of Hamza (ra) and Umar ibn al-Khattab (ra)
06 Muhammad (saw): Year of Sorrow
07 Muhammad (saw): The Night Journey
08 Muhammad (saw): Preparing for Yathrib
09 Muhammad (saw): Hijjra to Madinah
10 Muhammad (saw): Constitution and Treaty
11 Muhammad (saw): Expeditions
12 Muhammad (saw): Battle of Badr
13 Muhammad (saw): Battle of Uhud
14 Muhammad (saw): Expedition of Banu al-Mustaliq
15 Muhammad (saw): Battle of the Confederates
16 Muhammad (saw): Treaty of al-Hudaybiyyah
17 Muhammad (saw): Expedition of al-Khaibar
18 Muhammad (saw): Battle of Mu'tah [Roman Empire]
19 Muhammad (saw): Conquest of Makkah
20 Muhammad (saw): Battle of Hunain and Ta'if
21 Muhammad (saw): Battle of Tabouk [Byzantine Army]
22 Muhammad (saw): Final Days of Muhammad (saws)


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