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07-17-2016, 09:21 PM

I'm a high school student and have really big dreams and ambitions. One of my most important goals is to get into Stanford University, which has been my dream for a very, very long time. I'm working pretty hard in order to achieve this, but still, it's very hard. Stanford is the most competitive school in the US to get into and a bit of "luck" is required to get in even if you're a top-of-the-line student. All of my classmates are tutored in various subjects, have internships that their parents somehow got them, and have tons of extracurriculars. My family can't afford any of those things, so I'm at a disadvantage.

I run track, but my mile time is 7:18 (very, very bad). It should be somewhere around 5 minutes to be competitive. I want to improve it so badly, but I'm not sure how (since there's a point where improvement gets extremely difficult or even physically impossible). I'm also trying to innovate/invent some product that could actually help people. I can't think of any good ideas though. And finally, I go to a very hard school and keeping my grades at perfect As is extremely difficult (I already got 3 A-s). The exams I need to take for college, such as the SAT and ACT, require almost perfect scores in order to earn admission into my dream school.

In summary, I need du'as and help with these things:

-Improving my mile time to 5 minutes or less
-Coming up with ideas for innovation
-Doing very well on exams (SAT, ACT, APs, normal class exams, etc)
-Most important: getting into Stanford

Also, is it possible to pray for a miracle-type event when you combine it with hard work? Like for me, I want to break the world record for the mile, which is 4:18~ for women, but I'm just starting out and it requires a special body type given by genetics and genetics only. If I worked hard and prayed, would I be able to become a world-class athlete? If yes, could I apply this to other things? Like becoming a great entrepreneur? Or a world-class doctor?

Finally, I just wanted to ask all of you to please make du'a for my admission into Stanford as well as my other struggles (track, exams, ideas). It's something that's very important to me, and I need all of the help I can get.

Thank you so much!

جزاك اللهُ خيرًا

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07-18-2016, 05:51 AM
May Allah helps you and may you get successful in your efforts , Amen , yes there are many wazifas to read daily but I suggest you to make your five times prayer and make dua for yourself anf your parents , in sha Allah , Allah will help you out , because you are doing hardworking and when you work hard Allah helps you ! so don't worry just have faith , and you will make your dreams come true !

07-18-2016, 09:43 AM
Walaikum as salam,
Work hard, best will come.

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