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08-14-2016, 07:02 AM
Online Arabic courses daralfasaha.com - Best site to learn Arabic literary home online with teachers 100% Arabic speakers.

Daralfasaha, Arabic and the Quran for the whole family
Daralfasaha waiver Arabic language courses but also courses for adults Koran smaller. His program is taught for over 8 years in schools and on the internet and has proven itself among students, demonstrated their satisfaction through their comments on the site. 'Comments'

  • The Arabic program Daralfasaha

At Daralfasaha, a comprehensive program that for Arabic classes - learn Arabic, written in Arabic, speak Arabic. to enable the student to acquire in Arabic, in a minimum of time and as easily as possible, the necessary tools to lead fluent Arabic. This includes 8 levels. Each level has specific goals that the student must validate order to move on. There will be specific for the Arab curriculum for oral expression, which will allow the student to apply the vocabulary acquired in previous levels. And the practice of rules taught in previous levels also. This will facilitate speaking and accustomed to speaking Arabic with ease, and with a clear and concise, and tools that will lead the fluent Arabic.
You have the choice between making particular course or group, Arabic or Qur'an, for you or your children, or both.
A session lasts 4 weeks during 1:15, intermediate sessions between levels have been set up especially by Daralfasaha, to focus on the spoken and the implementation of the rules previously acquired.

  • The program of Quran

Daralfasaha also offers courses in the Koran. Two methods of learning the Koran are available depending on your time.
1. Learning the Quran with Tajweed rules
2. Fixed reading and learning Tajweed
The Quran program is divided into 3 stages.
1. Learn to read the Koran and improve reading
2. Correct the outputs of letters and study their characteristics
3. Review the Tajweed to correct any mistakes

  • The children's program

For our little kids, two choices open to us; The Koran and the language at the same time, or one or the other separately.
If you opt for the Koran and Arabic separately for your children, the program will be 3 sessions per week for 45 minutes sitting and 4 weeks to complete a level.
If you opt for the Koran and Arabic at the same time, the program will be 2 sessions per week for each subject at a rate of 45 minutes the session for 4 weeks to complete the level.
Daralfasaha.com, the online site to learn Arabic and the Koran for the whole family

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