09-05-2016, 10:04 PM
I believe the Bible because i believe the Quran. (Also because Jesus came around the 4,000th year (day 4 like the sun). *The bee is the 16th chapter of the Quran. The bee has 16 chromosomes.
*23 chromosomes come from the male and 23 from the female. The word "man" is used 23 times in the Quran and the word "woman" is used 23 times in the Quran. *Iron came down from space, as it says "we sent iron down to you." *The Quran indicates the orbit period of Venus and also of mars. *It says God gave the #19 to us in the Quran to show us about Quran, and the #19 holds the Quran together mathematically. In America they don't believe the Quran. I was told by pastors that the Quran didn't come from God. The pastors are wrong, There's more evidence proving the Quran than the Bible. I'm Muslim but i believe in Christ. I believe God created Jesus. Jesus was sinless. But Jesus is not "God" whom he called "the Father." In America they don't know the Quran came by the messenger Gabriel, and is God's word. I've tried to tell people it's God's word. The Quran says what Moses wrote, what David wrote, and what Jesus said comes from God. That's why i believe the Bible, not just because a pastor told me the Bible is true, but because of faith. Christians cannot actually believe the Bible because they have no proof of it. Without evidence there's no faith. Therefore MUSLIMS BELIEVE IN JESUS, CHRISTIANS DON'T.

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09-05-2016, 10:07 PM
Hebrews 11: by faith we believe God. Faith is based on evidence. All the pastors in America told me the Quran came from satan. They are lying and they are ignorant. People can lie even if they don't mean to because they don't know facts.

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